Host a GDO-R Workshop

We will hold one public GDO-R Workshop in each of the following states between fall 2018 and summer 2019: CA, CT, TX, GA, FL, NC, NH

If you are interested in hosting a GDO-R public workshops in one of these areas, please see our guidelines below, and contact Erin Akers at Public workshop host sites will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis and per our guidelines require a minimum number of participants.  

  • Note: If you are not in one of our target areas but have 10 participants from your own site and would like to host a public workshop please contact us.

  • Host a Public GDO-R Workshop:

    Our open to public registration GDO-R trainings are hosted by partner sites across the country. We welcome inquiries from possible GDO-R workshop host sites. Are you interested?

    As host, your responsibilities include:

    • A room that can accommodate up to 30 people comfortably, with air conditioning in the summer months
    • Light snacks (coffee/muffins) for morning/afternoon break
    • Three children volunteers of differing ages between 2.5 and 6, for our demonstration, one each day
    • At least 5 participants from your school and surrounding schools (this is necessary to be considered to host)

    To show our appreciation for hosting a GDO-R Workshop, Gesell Institute offers one free scholarship for a participant from the host site to attend, after 10 paid participants have registered (a value of $549).  If 20 register, you will receive a 2nd free scholarship (a total value of $1,090).

    You may download this editable flyer to increase awareness and interest in your school and the surrounding areas.


    Host a Private GDO-R Workshop:

    Often schools and early childhood education centers prefer to hold a private group training, for their staff only. This could be as a team building PD exercise or because it is more cost efficient or because our currently scheduled dates do not match your needs. We would love to schedule a private GDO-R training with you.

    The Private GDO-R Group Rate is $4,490 plus travel fees of the trainer, for up to 10 participants, and and additonal $395 for each additional participant over 10.

    Fill out my online form.