GDO-R Results Supplement: A Quick Guide to Improve Assessor Reliability and Ease

This Supplement Guide highlights the essential components from our complete GDO-R Assessment Manual. Importantly, it offers additional resources, explanations and tips to improve assessor ease and reliability. The GDO-R Scoring Guide will help facilitate a more efficient and informative scoring process for trained assessors.

This Guide is not a replacement for the full manual, and should not be used by any individual who has not completed the three-day GDO-R Workshop with a current certificate of completion within the past 5 years.

The Results Supplement booklet is accompanied by a 1 hour recorded webinar which provides an overview of GDO-R results and scoring, as well as an introduction to the booklet and tips for best use. The webinar is included in the package and a link will be sent upon purchase.