What If Everybody Understood Child Development?

Understand the connection between how kids grow and how they learn 

Rae Pica knows what she’s talking about. With over 35 years in the field of education, she’s realized that what’s missing from our approach to schooling is an understanding of the connection between how children develop and how they learn. In this collection, Pica keeps children front and center as she provides thought-provoking commentary and actionable insights on topics such as the Common Core, the self-esteem movement, and standardized testing. You’ll find

·         29 short essays on topics critical to best practice in child development and education

·         Opinions of experts supported by research and anecdotal evidence

·         Real-life stories shared by teachers and parents

·         References to related articles and interviews with experts 

With its unflinching look at well-meaning initiatives that may be holding students back, this pocket-sized powerhouse of educational philosophy is sure to inspire discussion about our schools. 

"What a pleasure to read common sense wisdom about what young children need!"

Diane Ravitch, Research Professor of Education
New York University

"This amazing book does far more than chase down the myths about how to ensure that children are successful. If offers real, research-backed practical strategies every teacher and parent can use. It belongs on every desk for quick and handy use!"

Eric Jensen, Director
Jensen Learning, Maunaloa, HI

"Rae Pica has a deep understanding of childhood development and she has delved into every facet of it so that educators, parents, and policymakers will come to that understanding, too. This book needs to not just be on everyone’s shelves, but open in everyone’s hands."

Peter DeWitt, Author/Consultant and Former K-5 Principal