GDO-R Workshop Pricing

Choose from a variety of workshops and renewal courses available:

Individual Participants

    • GDO-R for 2 ½-6 Year Olds - $600
    • GDO-R for 6-9 Year Olds - $250
    • Ages and Stages Introduction - $100


Renewal Workshops – required every 5 years to maintain certification:

  • GDO-R Renewal Course for 2 ½-6 Year Olds - $350
  • GDO-R Renewal Course for 6-9 Year Olds - $150

In order to be eligible for renewal discounts, you must have completed a previous GDO-R training within the last 5 years. Due to evolving research and responsive adjustments to our workshop, individuals trained more than 5 years prior to the date of their renewal must register as a beginner participant, and are not eligible for renewal discounts or programs intended for examiners in credible standing.


Private GDO-R Group Workshops

The Private GDO-R Group Rate:

  • $5,000 plus travel fees of the trainer, for the first 10 participants;
  • and an additional $450 for each additional participant over 10.

To schedule a Private GDO-R training for your group, please contact us.